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It’s definitely frustrating being a fan. They’ve never been great at public relations
13-Sep-2019 15:01:57

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21-Feb-2024 10:33:03

It seems like everyone knows what they’re doing before they ever breathe a word about it. That’s why I’m fairly confident there’s at least some truth to this tour rumor. The Corrs aren’t exactly a name on everyone’s mind these days. They don’t seem like the type of band to attract baseless rumors. It reminds me a lot of the reunion rumors before White Light was confirmed.

Speaking of, I checked today and at some point Jupiter Calling was added to US iTunes. It definitely was not available in any way when it first came out two years ago. White Light is still not available here in any format.

As for travel, I would definitely be willing to see them if they come anywhere within my region of the US. I wouldn’t expect them to come to my state again but would definitely find a way to make it if they came anywhere within reasonable driving distance Traveling beyond that just isn’t possible financially.

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