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This is an interesting question. I don't know the answer, but the perception that the media gives of America
17-Sep-2019 08:52:36

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14-Jul-2024 06:23:30

which, of course is very likely to be biased, is that the American's will probably think their country is safer than most.

Of course, there context is very important, for example, I think the UK is a very safe country, I couldn't list countries that are safer than the UK. Having been to Malta, Italy, France, the Netherlands, and many other places in mainland Europe, I wouldn't classify any of them as particularly less safe than the UK either. I've also been to the US (New York only), and whilst I would say it felt less safe than Europe on the whole, I wouldn't say it felt particularly unsafe.

Most recently in the press, Trump, and other (sheep) in his administration have been attacking the UK regarding knife crime (amidst his toxic and racist comments about the Mayor of London...). This must make at least some, and most probably quite a large number of American's who don't bother to fact check their president, believe the UK is unsafe, or at least less safe than America. Presumably, if their retoric is to be believed, all who stand by the second amendment presumably believe any country with little to no guns must be unsafe given them not being there for self defense. Oddly enough, it was the presence of guns that made me feel less safe in the US, and it's not like they are everywhere, just the odd glimpse of someone on the metro with a holstered hand gun etc.

All that being said, I'd have thought that money (both in terms of the socioeconomic layout, and the low cost, and ease of domestic travel), and the sheer scale, and variety of different climates of the US, mean 'staycation' is popular.


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