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Poor choice of wording on my behalf...
22-Sep-2019 01:55:02

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14-Jul-2024 06:28:01

I didn't mean that they don't care at all about fans, and wasn't necessarily talking about money.

And yes, Sharon seems to be doing things a little differently.

I meant that they no longer do what other musicians will in terms of building/managing a community, communicating with their audience (especially through social media). Yes, they post things to Instagram but there isn't the same kind of dialogue that other musicians will have with their audiences. Perhaps not even dialogue (as that can require a lot of effort), but there doesn't seem to be much of an acknowledgement of the audience in their communications.

They know they already have an audience and don't seem to have a strategy to build or maintain that audience.

There's just lots of little things that could have been done better (which isn't necessarily because of The Corrs themselves) but management. Like, how there was a "Making of Jupiter Calling - Part 1" video which was posted, but there was no mention of "Part 2" even though people asked about it. And, if there was going to be no "Part 2", then the first video shouldn't have been called "Part 1".

This makes me sound like I'm a spoiled brat, but it's kind of my job to notice these things. I know Beyonce doesn't do interviews etc, but at least she's consistent with her brand.

Or, maybe I am just a frustrated fan! But I know I'm not the only one!

Maybe when Andrea goes on the press tour for her autobiography, things will be different.

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