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My favourite instrumental bit of a song is something that they only play live ...
25-Sep-2019 20:03:57

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14-Jul-2024 06:55:11

... which is the extra eight bars added, only in live performances, to what Jim would refer to as the "middle eight" of Bring On The Night. Link below is to the start of the middle eight as included on the recorded version - which is already pretty good IMHO - but the extra eight bars starting at about 3:23 I think are really special, with Sharon fiddling away while Caroline continues to pound the drums.

My previous favourite was probably the middle eight in Give Me A Reason ... I do like the way that The Corrs often replace the part of a song that - in other bands - would typically include a guitar solo, with a violin solo insteadsmile.gif

P.S. I much prefer their live version of BOTN - which also includes an extended outro by Jim and Andrea - to the recorded version ... especially compared to the butchered version of the song that was released as the single ... anyone else agree?!

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