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I have to agree with you, Wendy
27-Sep-2019 10:26:56

CorrsClub Time:
14-Jul-2024 08:00:47

A LOT of things could've been done better in terms of communication and building a community, although there's an apparent lack of willingness from the band('s management) to have an appropriate strategy which is frustrating. As harsh as this might sound, I do think that the band is extremely lucky that most of their fans are a loyal bunch...

As for the 'making of' video you mentioned, that was just pure mess. Absolute mess, and it made me glad the band keeps a low profile these days because otherwise things would get ugly quick.

"Maybe when Andrea goes on the press tour for her autobiography, things will be different." I'd love to be proven wrong, but somehow I don't see her willing to go on a press tour... Again, I really hope I'm wrong on this one!

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