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More favorite instrumental parts
28-Sep-2019 01:29:37

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14-Jul-2024 06:18:06

This is not strictly instrumental, but I love the violin solo that starts at 2:06, and then especially the vocal harmonies at 2:28:

I especially love the electric piano arpeggios bubbling underneath the vocals at 2:28.

Here's one that is not an instrumental section per se, but just a small instrumental part:

I love the violin part starting at 2:07. It's a series of five long descending notes, played twice under the chorus. The part reappears at 2:44 and 3:11. It's a small part, but for me it gives the song a tinge of sadness and poignancy that it wouldn't have otherwise.

Incidentally, I really like this performance. As far as I can tell, the whole thing is playback, but the band look great and play with such a sense of joy.

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