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I don't think there will be a lot on her songwriting process, although I do hope...
02-Oct-2019 09:09:24

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28-Jul-2021 03:58:41 will at least get a significant mention in the book.

I always think of her as a very fascinating individual (one of my dream interviewees, really...) so I am very much looking forward to her insight on things and how it influences her creative process and shapes who she is as a person.

As grim as this might sound, I wonder if she talks about her miscarriages in the book, as it's one of the heaviest subject matters ever discussed in a Corrs song and given her declaration in the Royal Albert Tour programme that she is "ready to start that conversation [about the particular topic and the grief that comes with it]" - although it has not been brought up much since then except for her interview in the Daily Mail interview in which she talked about her near-death experience during the birth of her daughter. Like she said, it's more or less an elephant in the room, and I find her being open to discussing it - and even writing a song about it - remarkable.

Can't wait until October 30 - definitely the part and parcel of living in Asia wink.gif

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