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05-Oct-2019 00:03:26

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14-Jul-2024 07:32:31

The one that first caught my ears and held my attention was that lilting section in 'I Never Loved You Anyway'. Sounded sort of 'Indian' to me, and I love it still.

It's probably heresy here, but I wasn't really hooked by 'Runaway'; so 'I Never Loved' was the start for me.

I also like the instrumental bit on 'Give Me A Reason'. The live versions where violin, guitar and keyboard play the same riff over the gutsy rhythm section is great. Lovely bass playing Mr Duffy.
In the same vein, the rockier version intro of 'Radio' at 'Live 38' is a favourite of mine.

Listening to live versions whilst working on our cover of 'Long Night', makes me appreciate the violin/guitars section of that song even more; plus of course the detail from Anto is rarely the same on different versions. Terrific stuff. Must finish work on that!

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