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Summer Sunshine
07-Oct-2019 15:04:23

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14-Jul-2024 07:59:07

I forgot to include this before, but possibly my favorite instrumental section is the one in Summer Sunshine:

First, listen to 4:19-4:30, where Sharon plays a lower violin line and Anto plays a higher guitar line. The latter is quite subtle and easily missed in some other performances (although it sounds like someone is slightly out of tune here).

I'm a fan of counterpoint -- when instruments play different melodies on top of each other (in contrast to the instrumental section in Give Me a Reason, when Sharon and Anto are each playing the same melody). Listen to 4:30-4:45, where Andrea's vocal and Sharon's violin play off each other in a lovely way. Under this, Jim (or Kieran?) plays a piano part that sounds like it could have been written by Mozart. I especially love the piano riff that takes the song back into the chorus at 4:45-4:50.

What a brilliant 45 seconds of music in what might appear at first to be a simple bubblegum pop song.

Finally, I love this clip of Andrea playing a piano version of Summer Sunshine:

It's unfortunately too short; I like to put it on loop and listen to it over and over. I didn't even recognize this as Summer Sunshine until I read someone else saying so. It's similar to the piano intro they played at RAH in 2017.

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