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I wasnt sure if I should keep posting things so close to release...
13-Oct-2019 18:17:14

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16-Jun-2024 14:45:18

The mail interview covers a lot of the content actually, and more!

The miscarriage section is heart breaking but is also short and transcends into her Catholicism, but is brief and moves on quickly.
It’s probably the most religious section too, I wonder if she did that deliberately.

Actually, lots of the book demonstrates just how similar to, well me and others(‘regular’ people if you will) they are.
The section about heir return in 2015, Hyde Park is great, really touching, make me a little teary, it felt quite personal I guess, being there with them, and through the subsequent tour. Actually, as a fan, lots of it did having followed them for so long.

Jim, in his current adult life and choices, isn’t mentioned, which is probably for the best too.

I should give it another read..


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