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Both articles left me stunned
14-Oct-2019 05:28:06

CorrsClub Time:
16-Apr-2024 12:57:13

I was having lunch when I heard that they were out already, and after reading those I could barely eat and taste anything. That's how intense I found the two articles...and there'll be more of that reaction when I finally read the actual book 🥺

They are very well written, and props to the journalists for making Andrea feel comfortable enough to open up. In-depth interviews like these ones are what I'd like to see more when it comes to my favourite band smile.gif

I was speechless for awhile after reading the part about her five(!!!) miscarriages. She's right that it's not a subject many talk about and the grief mostly takes place in silence, so I applaud her bravery for starting that conversation, like she said in the Royal Albert Hall concert programme. I also would like to express my admiration to Brett for standing by her through those very difficult and trying times.

It sure is an interesting journey to get inside the head of *the* Andrea Corr...

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