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I'm not unhappy about anything............
16-Oct-2019 14:23:40

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14-Jul-2024 07:38:41

.............and I don't believe in shutting people down for their opinions, political or otherwise.
That's antifa's job.
It's just that starting off a conversation by trashing people isn't the right way to do it. You can politicize anything you want, but that isn't conducive to open conversation. It only highlights your biased opinion. Frankly, I like the topic of our perceptions of
"safety" in other countries or regions.
What specifically are you people afraid of?
I'm sure there are areas of your countries that are not as safe as others.
I hear that you have regions that certain races or groups of people are recommended against going to because of potential (likely) danger.
How safe is that?
In most of America, a law abiding citizen has the right to be armed to protect his or her self and family.
In my mind, that's safety, when the government doesn't restrict the citizens and respects them enough to allow these rights.
How do you fend off a knife, club, or acid attack.
All major cities in Europe have had mass killings by truck and bombs on trains and in train stations.
Who is doing these horrible acts?
Is open borders helping or making this worse?

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