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I don't think you have to be afraid of anything to feel unsafe.
I certainly didn't spend 2 weeks in New York feeling threatened, or indeed in danger. There were moments when I felt less safe based on the area, and part of that is an unfortunate unconscious racial bias I have due to the lack of exposure to other races, growing up in Scotland in a city that is very much predominantly white Scottish.

As for certain areas being unsafe for some races, I can't think of any, in Scotland anyway, I'm sure there are places, but as a white Scot, I feel pretty much welcome wherever I go in the UK. I won't say that the UK is perfectly safe wherever you go, it's not. There are areas that you would want to avoid, usually residential areas in highly deprived areas, and usually at night. I'd go anywhere in my city at any time and not be particularly concerned for my safety - perhaps that makes me prone to thinking other places are unsafe, perhaps it just makes me stupid, I don't know.

We have to agree to disagree given the conversation already, but for me guns are not safe. They are also not for defence, they are a weapon which exist with the sole purpose of killing. This is not a defensive attack. Yes, you can say "the best form of defense is attack" but that's just deflecting. Weapons are for attack, shields are for defence.
You asked, how do I fend off a knife, club, or acid attack...
I'm 37. In my whole life I have never seen any of these 3 things happen. I can't think of anyone I know being victim to one of these either. I've been threatened by someone with a knife, they wanted money. I had none, they left me alone. If I pulled a gun, someone would probably have got hurt. Perhaps both of us would have got hurt. Escalating the situation isn't helpful.

The lack of guns. We don't need guns because these things don't happen that often. The fact American's feel the need to have at protection simply reinforces that America is not that safe. Why would you bother having guns and protecting the amendment so strongly if the country was safe enough that you didn't need to defend yourselves - obviously, it's not that safe. I'm sure I'm not the only non-America who feels like this.

I also felt unsafe above 110th street, which was mainly down to the number of sharps bins and free hypodermic needles, and probably the black cab hassling us for a fare, but that's an area / situation specific thing.

You asked who is doing these horrible acts?
Well, it seems to be people who try to hide behind their faith. Evil people whose beliefs are different to the majority. People who probably have mental issues, or have been brainwashed into interpreting meaning of their chosen script incorrectly.
Opening borders.... I don't really know what you mean. The UK being an island of course doesn't have open borders as such.

You mention mass killings by truck and bombs on trains and in train stations.
Here in the UK we don't hear about most of the school etc. shootings in the US, we have to search for them. The biggest ones are reported, but plenty are missed. The last school shooting in Scotland was in 1996. I remember it happening despite being young at the time. It affected my whole country.
My tablet just crashed trying to load the list of school shootings in the US page for the 21st century. This is another reason it seems to me to be less safe.


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