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I have also started to read and based on the suggestions of many of you, I listen to the audiobook along
29-Oct-2019 10:38:09

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This really puts the experience into another dimension as if you were sitting next to her and she would talk to you in person like a good friend of yours. Really personal. I'm only into the first part of the book yet, childhood memories etc, and at some part I find it rather difficult to follow the language (as a non native English speaker) as it is quite associative, playful, scattered or rather just hopping here and there with the thoughts when telling a story, which I find fairly amusing sometimes, but other times I can hardly follow. When this happens I switch off the audio and go back to try to find out slowly what is going on:) All in all I have an impression that the book is written in a style somewhere between of short novels and of poems, even the more narrative parts are resonating like poetry to me, on a more emotional level, just like her lyrics. Very interesting read, and I enjoy it a lot. Her intonations are perfect, very much supporiting the content, pretty aligned and her voice is so beautifully relaxing. Please help me with just one thing, what the hell does Baa refer to?:)

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