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I have so much to say about this Aussie interview!
05-Nov-2019 10:23:40

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07-Apr-2020 20:16:16

Firstly, it's great to see this again, because it's from an old Australian panel show (literally called 'The Panel) which I used to watch every week. It's run by a production company who have made some of Australia's most iconic films and TV series. The three men on the panel are really well respected screenwriters/comedy actors/presenters in that company. Andrea seemed uncomfortable about how the guy (Rob Sitch) made a joke about having Olympic tickets for the sisters and not Jim, but he definitely made it tongue-in-cheek (he's married to another well respected writer/radio/TV personality).

Andrea was certainly "hiding behind her hair" as she has admitted to doing. They both look tired and reluctant to be there. Perhaps they were also dealing with the grief of losing their mother at that point. I noticed that Andrea was more willing to talk when the ladies on the panel asked about books! And I keep meaning to read Isabel Allende, the Chilean author Sharon mentioned.

That performance of 'At Your Side' was flawless! The voices blend together so beautifully. They must've been touring so much by that point that they were really "tight" musically.

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