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sergio, I really like the Simple Minds song you posted, which has a Corrs connection (plus trivia question)
07-Dec-2019 01:45:17

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01-Dec-2021 22:25:44

sergio, I liked all the songs you posted; I knew the Don Henley song but not the others. Funny that you should post a Vangelis song; I was thinking his theme song from Chariots of Fire would also qualify a dreamy song.

Yes, I agree Jane Siberry sounds quite a bit like Kate Bush. The song I posted is by far the most "normal" song on her album, in terms of production and structure. Most of the other songs do not have a typical verse-chorus structure and are as long as 10+ minutes. I'm guessing her record company insisted on having something close to a "normal" pop song that they could release as a single, and this is what she came up with.

If I'm not mistaken, the melody in the Simple Minds song is the same as "Our Wedding Day", which Sharon covered in her first solo album. The same song has also been covered by Andrea under the title "She Moves Through the Fair".

Trivia question: What other songs have been performed by both Sharon and Andrea as solo artists? I asked this question on this board a long time ago, but I no longer remember the answer. I can think of two other examples (one easy, one obscure), and there may be others.

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