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It is an interesting subject, I wonder how much companies like Spotify have cleaned up their act
01-Jan-2020 14:08:15

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01-Dec-2021 23:02:44

If they have at all. Remember Spotify don’t pay on sales, the user subscribers and the subscription fee pays the artists, but the calculation on how much used to be, not by number of listens alone, but also based on total overall listens, and artists popularity modifiers. 5 or so years back they paid a larger cut to the industry giants, basically meaning the rich get richer rather than the smaller artists getting a fair share.

The buying public themselves also show trends towards less artists, or at least more super artists. I can’t see this trend being anything other than a real problem for the industry, most of all, the young, up and coming bands.

You can see here sales figures for UK album sales from 2018.
Clear to see very few artists selling huge numbers of albums, mainly compilations, and a couple of huge artists only.

You can see here, in 2018 the 11th best selling song sold just over 1 million downloads. Some of that will streams, I think something like 5 or 10 streams counts for 1 sale.

In essence, I suspect it’s easier for smaller bands to get out there, through the platforms, it’s more standardised, in fact, you can probably do it yourself. I think making it big however, is possibly even harder than it’s ever been due to the artificial constraints applied by those already at the top negotiating better deals than are available to existing fairly big bands never mind new artists..


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