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Why weren't the Corrs more popular in the US?
16-Jan-2020 03:27:36

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05-Dec-2021 22:35:27

Following up on the previous thread: so why weren't the Corrs more popular in the US? I'm American but didn't become a fan until 2011, so I can't really judge this.

Breathless made it to #34 on the US Billboard singles chart and received a good amount of airplay. Their only other single to make the top 100 was Runaway, at 68. Of their albums, FNF made it to 131, TOC to 72. IB to 21, BH to 51, and Live in Dublin to 52.

Judging from the videos on youtube, they seemed to do quite a bit of promo around the time of In Blue, so lack of promotion doesn't seem to have been the problem.

I wonder if their hiatus between IB and BH hurt them more in the US than in other places, where they had more of a long-term fan base. In the US, people knew them mostly from Breathless. After that they disappeared for several years, and they didn't have enough long-term fans who would still be fans when they came back.

Any other ideas?

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