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I assumed their music didn't appeal to US audiences...
18-Jan-2020 23:30:23

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01-Dec-2021 22:43:17

...and the songs on Borrowed Heaven may not have had the instant appeal needed to attract new fans. Also, they started to withdraw after Home.

It's always interesting how they say that they tried for years to crack the UK market but were popular in Australia first. I remember them doing lots of TV interviews for Australian media in the late 90s/early 2000s. But the Celtic influence appealed to lots of Australians who had that heritage but felt separated from it.

Meanwhile, the Australian singer/songwriter/pianist Delta Goodrem would have been far more likely to crack the US market given her sound (she's even written a song for Celine Dion), but despite living in LA for a while she never made a splash there. I heard one music industry person say that someone at her record label in the US (I think it was Sony) just didn't really like her (not sure if they meant her personality or her music) so they didn't really support her in the US.

This was Delta Goodrem's breakout song in Australia in the 2000s (not my favourite but the chorus is catchy). 'Born to Try':

I preferred this song, 'Mistaken Identity' but it's not quite as mainstream. Her hair was shorter here because she'd had cancer and chemo at 18 and it was still growing back:

This song was pretty too, 'Believe Again'. I saw her sing it live at a soundcheck one day and she can really sing:

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