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Yes, its highly unlikely IMO that The Corrs will return as a 'family band' - they are all now
17-Feb-2020 15:44:45

CorrsClub Time:
30-May-2020 06:43:32

well into middle age and with busy family lives which are lived in different locations. They, like many of their contemporaries, are 'Yesterday Bands' - they had their time and are now living 'normal' lives - which is how it should be.

We too should move on and not dwell on the past - there is so much more to see and do out there. For a few years now I have followed a French rock band - bought their albums, attended their gigs in Europe and UK and met them and their management team on many occasions - they are all very pleasant and welcoming.

Like some of you, I too occasionally visit here just to see if anything is happening - but its no longer the daily ritual it was years ago. I do not expect The Corrs to perform again, though I might go along to a gig if they did. The final 'nail in the coffin' was the extortionate ticket prices charged at some of the venues on the last tour - I can get along to ten of my current band's gigs for the cost of one Corrs gig....

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