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Harmony cover - isolated chorus vocals
10-Apr-2020 14:04:20

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17-Apr-2024 01:47:57

Hi all!

It's Good Friday, which means - it's almost a year since we released our cover of 'Harmony'! Oh, how the world has changed since then!

Here's something special to mark the anniversary!

Last year I saved a version of the isolated end chorus vocals, and I'd always meant to put them up on YouTube or something (except that I felt like I needed to alter the mix etc). But done is better than perfect, so here they are:

If that private soundcloud link doesn't work, the isolated vocals are now included in this 'making of' blog which I wrote at the time. Hit play on the little black box, about half-way down the page on the left of the paragraph titled 'The voices'.

Let me know if you'd like the mp3 emailed to you, or if you think I should put it on Youtube, etc.

Nice work everyone!


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