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The forgotten ones it has Keith duffy playing bass on it
08-May-2020 19:53:46

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19-Jul-2024 04:33:43

Hi guys really want to plug this for dan Healy who plays with Keith at Roman heatings gigs.
Dan has written a song for the nhs called the forgotten ones, it’s a thank you to the nhs workers and the key workers...I’m in the video along with many others. The video is available on Amazon and iTunes and the video is available on YouTube to watch...please take a look and download the song if you can....all proceeds are going back to the nhs as dan has been amazing with his vision...I took part in the video after being egged on by a friend and after working in the nhs and loosing colleagues to COVID 19 could not have been more important to me...please take a look and buy if you can

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