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20-May-2020 09:59:10

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Not Corrs-related, but since there's not a lot of Corrs news right now...

Wendy, thanks for the info on Sting's melodies. I'm looking forward to listening for these aspects. I don't tend to notice melodies as much as chords or modulations, so this is something I'd like to learn more about. (Do you notice these things because you're a singer?)

Speaking of chords and modulations, here's a neat key change:

Start with the verse at 3:28 to establish the key. Pause at 4:02, where it should go to the chorus, and imagine what the chorus should sound like. But instead of going to the chorus, he adds two bars from 4:02 to 4:08, then hits the chorus at 4:08 in a lower key. After once through the chorus, he rises back to the original key at 4:27 — where you thought it should have been going all along, before this detour.

The key change at 4:27 has a neat quality because the last chord of the 4-chord sequence from 4:08 to 4:27 becomes the first chord of the chorus in the new key at 4:27. It sounds to me as if, instead of the tonic shifting, in this case the tonic carries over and the song pivots around it. A small and subtle but neat touch.

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