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Who created/produced the video for Borrowed Heaven?
22-May-2020 18:11:50

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17-Apr-2024 01:23:14

Sorry that this is an old question. Google can't seem to find it for me.

I find this video to be a work of art. Many creations are just entertainment, but others stand out. There are some people who don't like movies, but they nonetheless should consider seeing Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo", because beyond being a movie it is also a work of art.

The standard Internet resources will tell you that the song recording was produced by Olle Romo, however I highly doubt that the record's producer also created the video.

I'll mention that I could not grasp the meaning of the song and video until I studied the biography of the Corrs themselves and realized it flowed from their deep shock from their mother's death. I think it was Nietzche who said that great art comes from great pain.

So, who assisted the Corrs by taking their musical vision and translating it into a video form? Thanks.

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