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That is indeed a pretty sharp-looking video
23-May-2020 05:36:34

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17-Apr-2024 03:07:09

I agree, the video does fit the vibe of the song well.

To answer your original question, I agree that the producer of the album (Olle Romo) likely had nothing to do with any of the videos. My guess is that the record company chose a director, who then came up with a vision for the video.

For instance, the Long Night video was directed by Mark Davis, who is now an editor on Peaky Blinders. You can see him working with Andrea in this behind the scenes video:

Since you mentioned Hitchcock's Vertigo, notice the shot at 2:28-2:43 in the video below:

I think this shot is an homage to the famous dolly zoom shot when Jimmy Stewart looks down the tower stairs in Vertigo. Also, the video appears to take place in one unbroken shot, which may be an homage to Hitchcock's Rope.

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