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23-May-2020 09:08:08

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13-Jul-2024 09:56:53

Steve wrote:

> I think this shot is an homage to the famous dolly zoom shot when

My guess is that creating Corrs videos is delegated entirely to film professionals, who are then allowed to use their own imagination for what they want to create, including their knowledge of what has been done by other film makers before.

> I agree, the video does fit the vibe of the song well.

And someone sunk a wholllle lot of money into creating it.

One of the things I admired about Madonna's career was that her official music videos were both fully developed works of art on their own. and the stories they told were fully integrated into the lyrics of the song they were portraying. In contrast, any artistic aspect of Corrs videos are not at all deeply integrated into the songs they are representing. I should be grateful that the Corrs put so much of their attention into their songs and their performances that they don't have enough attention left over to make their own videographic art.

- Roger

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