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23-May-2020 13:19:00

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In the early 2000s I did some work experience with a film production company in Australia on some music video shoots for a big Aussie band. (Back when record companies could spend tens of thousands of dollars on video clips. Maybe they still can in the US, but budgets shrank over the last 20 years in Australia).

In that situation, the management team had liked the production company's previous work, and found them easy to work with - so they kept hiring them to make music videos, not just for that band but for other big acts they managed too. The directors would brainstorm the idea, write a treatment and present that back to management for approval (who would run it past the musicians I assume). I don't know if the band or management ever presented concepts - I think it was more that they just gave feedback.

Interestingly, that same management team went on to co-manage the Australian musician Gotye, whose song 'Somebody I Used To Know' was a huge global hit in about 2012. They used a different film production company for that - and it was a good choice given that the video contributed enormously to the song's success! The video was actually released too early by accident. It was meant to premiere on an Aussie radio station's website, but somebody pressed the wrong button and the video was made available - it wasn't easy to find, but somebody found it and shared it, and it got something like a million views within a day or two.

It's the perfect example of how the right video can help to make a song soar. The Corrs' videos have been really nice, but the videos haven't ever taken on a life of their own.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic!

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