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27-May-2020 12:59:34

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13-Jul-2024 08:06:14

Nick and Wendy, it was interesting to hear your experiences in the industry -- thanks for sharing.

Roger, I suspect the person who put up the Borrowed Heaven video used footage from some other existing video. I took 2 minutes to do a quick google image search, but did not turn up any leads. Perhaps try posting a comment on the youtube video and see if they answer?

I have never been a huge fan of most of the Corrs' videos. Many of them I find rather baffling, notably Give Me a Reason (why does Jim throw the chair through the window?) and Summer Sunshine. My favorite videos of theirs are Long Night and Angel. I like Bring on the Night and I Do What I Like, as well. I thought the idea for the Angel video was brilliant. I don't think a video literally about the subject of the song would have worked; it was a lovely idea to make the video about another important life event (a wedding rather than the death of a parent).

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