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update: board cover version of Long Night
07-Jun-2020 05:08:29

CorrsClub Time:
20-Jun-2024 07:37:05

As you might recall, some board members have been working on a cover version of Long Night to follow up on our cover version of Harmony. So far we have vocals by BallerinaTay, guitar by Terry, violin by Arikorr, and keyboards by me. If anyone else would like to contribute, please let me know. You can post a reply here, or email me off-list (to see my email address, click 'Post reply' and hover over my name at the bottom of the reply). All skill levels are welcome! The main things we need now are tin whistle and drums, but we can mix in other instruments or vocals as well.

Also, Alejandro (AB_CLOSER) expressed interest in making a video to go along with our cover version. If you (or anyone else) are still interested, please email me, and I'll send you a rough mix of the audio. That way you don't need to wait until we finish the final version before you start work on the video.

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