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Secret Life and other unusual songs
15-Jun-2020 12:10:03

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01-Dec-2021 22:50:28

I find this song interesting because it is so unlike any other song the band has done, at least in the lyrics. I have also read that Jim wrote this song by himself, and I'm pretty sure that neither Andrea nor Sharon would write lyrics like, "From red giant to supernova". There are a huge number of long words -- four-syllable words like philosophy, theology, incredible, evangelists, codology, resensitize, and even a five-syllable word (Scientologists). I wonder if there are more long words in this song than in every other Corrs song combined?

The subject of unusual songs (compared to other songs by the Corrs) is a topic that I find interesting. For example, IMO Borrowed Heaven is unusual due to its world music vibe and its chant-like feel; it doesn't sound to me like any other Corrs song. The Right Time and Give It All Up are unusual due to their syncopated beat. Ellis Island is unusual due to its stripped-down arrangement, and the fact that there is no chorus. Any other examples?

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