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Not sure how the lyrics came to be, but it's definitely Jim who wrote the song
19-Jun-2020 07:19:38

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01-Dec-2021 22:37:33

As Chris (Corranga) and Steve have pointed out, the song is rather unusual in comparison to other Corrs songs, especially lyrically. There are quite an amount of long words and 'heavy lines', as I wrote in this thread on lyrics and writers:

"As far as I know Jim wrote the lyrics to Secret Life and that's it, so it's quite difficult to determine his approach in writing lyrics - although from reading through Secret Life I feel he has a tendency to use 'heavy' lines ('a cloaked entity', 'mechanised and organised', 'the pool of a human mind', 'put your soul in detention', 'resensitise yourself', and of corrs Rene Descartes's famous proposition), which is somewhat unique when it comes to a Corrs song. "

The Descartes proposition is, of course, "I think, therefore I am." (cogito ergo sum) as spoken in the background during Sharon's violin solo in the song.

Interestingly, the word 'scientologists' was omitted when the band performed the song live in Tokyo in 1996, though it was included when the song was performed in Lansdowne Road.

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