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21-Jun-2020 21:58:15

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01-Dec-2021 21:58:25

Ok here’s my story. First “found” the Corrs via a CD back in late 90’s Talk on Corners. Loved the music. Fell totally
in love after viewing Live in Dublin. VH1.
For many reasons, lost track of them until recently. I am heartbroken never to have seen them live. Worst of all I live ten minutes walk from Rockefeller Center where they did live promo appearances for morning talk shows here in NYC. It gets eleven worse. I missed gigs at Beacon Theater and Radio City (Both a brief walk from home) AND gigs at tiny clubs Mercury Lounge and China Club. I would gladly fly to Europe to see them should they “do it again” (we spent Two week’s in Scotland so I could see another favorite band Texas). Anyway, I am former musician and interested in a lot of tech stuff. I have most of the Corrs material in different formats and often spend a lot of time listening. An incredibly interesting and talented group. Glad to have found this site as I have a lot of questions and.hope I can offer something positive.

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