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I'm also totally amazed that 'new' members are still appearing. However, as on The Corrs Fan Club
22-Jun-2020 12:11:52

CorrsClub Time:
01-Dec-2021 23:23:07

Facebook page, many appear to think that this is a currently active band and that its musicians are still 'frozen in time' aged in their twenties. In a way I feel sorry for a lot of the people who are desperate for replies from their 'fave artists' and who often write from remote communities across the world and are struggling to correspond in English, not their native language. I moved on to following other currently active bands and musicians and attending their gigs many years ago, leaving The Corrs as a pleasant memory of a previous era. I do however, like many of the oldtimers here, just occasionally call in to monitor any activity that there might be.

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