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I I understand your view regarding the music. However, The Corrs were hardly "one hit wonders" in the US. Your issue with musical style iand popularity in the US is hard to support given their first record "Forgiven Not Forgotten" went gold. They have two other highly successful efforts here in the US, one gold one plarinum.
"Breathless" was not just a US success as a single but was a huge hit worldwide. Number one in the UK and top five ireland. This doesn't suppoprt your contention that they lost signigicant numbers of fans. If anything their fan base was growing.
The band themselves have always used "pop" and "rock" to desctibe their music. Yes the traditional Irish aspect is important and also always mentioned.
Early on, they enlisted sound engineer Max Bisgrove (most noted for his work with "The Stranglers" as their front of house concert engineer. His instructions were to " accent the rock element in their sound". In a famous Guardian piece Bono stated the Corrs were the loudest band he had ever heard."
I am heartsick having missed them live. The You Tube concert stuff is amazing (a lot of it anyway). They are incredibly powerful. That violin and tin whistle are magical in the context of the rock and pop music they play.
I do think they can tilt to the pop side on some of their recordings. "Breathless" is just a great song. IMOP. Live it justplain rocks.
I also happen to be a big fan of Texas. Another group that gave up on the US. They also changed up their music far more than the Corrs. FYI, Texas didn't break Europe either (especially the UK) until they added a greater "pop" element to their style.IAgain. I do "get" your issue(s). There were planty of critics here in the US and abroad who agreed with you re: a "pop" sound

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