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listening habits, etc.
03-Jul-2020 12:31:58

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13-Jul-2024 09:03:21

Yes, I mostly listened to music while I was driving to and from work, and during the down time at work between classes or meetings. I no longer drive to work, and there's never any down time when you're at home (because there's always some chore that needs to be done), so I have much less time to listen now. Also, I don't have a stereo system set up at home (just my laptop with its tinny speakers), whereas I actually did have reasonable speakers set up at work.

My city is doing reasonably well (by US standards) in terms of covid-19, although cases have started going up recently due to stores re-opening and summer starting (and hence people wanting to get out of the house more). Your description of Australia ("There has been an increase in cases in southern states though, ever since some of the restrictions were loosened.") holds exactly for the US as well -- several southern states have seen cases rise sharply here. It is quite scary.

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