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Listening habits and cities
07-Jul-2020 09:04:01

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04-Mar-2024 22:47:24

That's interesting about listening habits. I listen to music a lot at home, but just on my laptop or phone - although I do have an old CD player that I'll sometimes play. If I'm doing design work, I can listen to music at the same time. And I often listen to music or podcasts while doing chores, although sometimes my ears need a break!

It's good that your city isn't doing too badly in terms of Covid-19 in the US!

A week or so ago, a musician friend in Austin said they had ~600 hospitalisations in 24 hours in the last few weeks. It sounds pretty bad in the south, like you said. Today, Australia's southern city of Melbourne has been put back into lockdown for 6 weeks, as they had a spike in cases ever since restrictions were loosened. I feel very sorry for them. Perhaps an upside is that it's winter so people might want to stay inside anyway.

Apart from that, Australia is somewhat like a reverse US. The warmer states are north, and culturally the northern states of Australia are more similar to the southern states of the US. I've heard people say that my state is a bit like Texas or Florida, or some southern parts of California.

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