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Quite a shock, indeed. I also remember Andrea saying...
18-Jul-2020 08:03:09

CorrsClub Time:
16-Apr-2024 16:34:04

...several times while promoting Barefoot Pilgrimage that there was a time when she envied (for lack of a better word) her sisters for settling down and having families earlier than she did. Who would've thought that years later both of Sharon and Caroline would separate from their spouses within only a few months?

It does sound like they are handling it well, and I find Caroline's announcement very eloquent. I wish her, Frank, and their children all the very best.

To answer your question, AFAIK Caroline is primarily based in Somerset and her children attend school there. She was present when the Queen came to Somerset and visited the school that her two eldest children go to last year:

While primarily based in Somerset, she also has a home in Deia (CMIIW), Mallorca.

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