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You shouldnt feel bad for expressing your disappointment...
24-Jul-2020 23:35:34

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17-Apr-2024 01:16:19

...I, like many others on here, have been a fan for more than 20 years having first discovered the Corrs when I was just 12 years old. I therefore feel very much like I grew up with this band and they are not just musicians to me but interesting, familiar people that I respect. That said, I have sadly lost a lot of respect for Jim over the years. I am all for freedom of speech and expressing your views but, for me, he has gone too far in recent years. It has reached a point where I would feel very conflicted attending a Corrs concert, which for anyone that’s knows me sounds crazy. I know some will say you are there for the music not their personal views, however a little voice would tell me I was financially supporting views I consider to be dangerous.

What also makes me sad is that people will and are thinking these are the views of the band as a whole - hugely frustrating considering the good this band have done with their charity work and the causes that Andrea, Caroline and Sharon have supported.

Hopefully this will start to fade from the news just like his 9/11, anti-vac, and abortion views 🙄

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