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I agree, no one should feel bad for calling out their idols over something like this
25-Jul-2020 15:58:53

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17-Apr-2024 02:41:07

Jim has crossed the line many, many times and sadly I'm not surprised he's spouted this type of BS about the pandemic. I'm sure a lot of fans saw this coming too.

I love the band, I really do, and they are such a big part of my life, but when it comes to Jim the last straw for me was when he posted a video about how Ireland was 'a victim of LGBT propaganda' on Facebook last year. Yeah right, as if people from the LGBT community didn't make up a huge chunk of the Corrs fanbase...

I respect Andrea, Caroline, and Sharon for their support for various causes and awareness about social issues, and I appreciate that they do try to distance themselves from their brother's hateful views (e.g. when they made public their support for the repeal of the Eighth Amendment in Ireland on Instagram while he...well, you can guess what it was like), but I wish the band('s management) would make more effort to clarify that Jim's views do not represent what they stand for. It's getting more difficult for the general public to not associate Jim's reputation. I am well-acquainted with the Irish community here in Jakarta, and whenever an Irish person I meet here learn that I'm a fan of The Corrs their first response is always something about Jim.

Sadly, the whole COVID-19 situation (along with other recent social and political issues) has really brought the worst out of many people, celebrities included. In the past few months I have been let down by people I (used to) admire several times, and while some have owned up to what they did wrong, some others are simply beyond redemption.

Allow me to paraphrase a tweet I found recently that I think really resonates with many of us in regards to this kind of situation:

"Your favourites aren't perfect, and at some point they will make mistakes and disappoint you. Don't look for someone perfect to admire, but instead look for someone with integrity. Someone who owns up to their mistakes, show remorse, and try their best to improve."

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