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Maybe some slack is needed
25-Jul-2020 21:18:01

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17-Apr-2024 01:46:36

Does an artist’s political leanings or personal views need to mirror those of his or her
audience or fans? In other words if we like a song or a painting and discover the artist
votes differently than we do we suddenly don’t like the song and never listen to anything that artist creates?
Do we now demand artists believe in everything we do?

Has social media driven everyone into opposing camps? There is “good” and “evil”?

I know Jim has some “wacky” ideas. But I admire him for his music not his political views.
Many performers artists have all sort of views and some I agree with some not.

The advice of DH Lawrence applies “ trust the tale not the teller”
Many great artists were bad humans. And I am not talking supporting a political view.
Van Gogh was horrible to women and arguably exploited the natives he painted.
He is also long gone. Do we now devalue his work?

I would cut Jim some slack.
I don’t want to live in a world where we need a background check on an artist before we can
Experience their work.

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