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While I get your sentiment of ‘appreciate the art not the artist’
25-Jul-2020 21:51:58

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17-Apr-2024 03:05:28

Now in 2020, I’m at an age where I don’t feel people like Jim deserve ‘some slack’. It goes further than opposite political views, he’s spreading false information which is detrimental to public safety. Not only that, as a member of the LGBT community, he has outwardly shared opinions opposing who I am.

He’s a straight, white privileged man, who more than likely lives in a gated Upper Class Community. Like many people who share his views, they get their ‘information’ for sources that aren’t always credible. Lots of this information is from people who have conclusions in their heads, who then write an article with no credible data from multiple sources to back it up. People then read the, what is essentially an opinion piece, and take it as fact.

They then don’t go research the information further and instead choose to spread it on Twitter. His platform is huge, his opportunity to spread information is huge and it breaks my heart that the information he’s spreading is this. I’m not angry that he’s opposing my political view, I’m angry he’s spreading ignorant information when he’s an intelligent, well travelled man.

As a fellow New Yorker (I’m Aussie, but live in NYC) and was here at the height of the pandemic, his viewpoint clearly comes from a man who isn’t as exposed as we have been. A good friend of mine is currently fighting the virus, with no family to support him in LA. I’ve had multiple clients get sick with the virus and a fellow trainer has passed away, a healthy 30 year old man. I also have a client who is working on the vaccines in DC. I can’t help but take what Jim is saying more personally than I have taken his questionable views in the past.

I have been a fan since 1995. They were everything to me. I’ve grown into a man who still treasures the gifts they’ve given me and I can’t say that will ever go away, however cutting Jim slack for spreading false propaganda isn’t something I’m willing to do right now.

So while I will always appreciate the art, I will never appreciate the man he’s become.

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