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I really try to avoid Twitter and enjoy the music
25-Jul-2020 22:59:11

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17-Apr-2024 02:15:14

Well I read the piece.
First...Twitter is driving the world insane.
I have another favorite band I love (not the Corrs). I enjoyed banter on Twitter until
it turned heavily political in nature. What was most disturbing to me was not the politics but the stupidity.
The group I love are a bunch of ill informed idiots. I rarely go near Twitter these days. I still enjoy their music.

I don’t care what politics or personal beliefs are held or even expressed especially by artists.
Unless they are openly incorporating politics etc into their art I’d prefer their personal views remain theirs.

I understand what Jim says can upset many but he’s onstage got 30k followers. It is up to individuals to decide
for themselves and what do we want here? It’s not as though he is staring a movement. Ban Jim from the internet? Boycott all Corrs music? I am not sure what the end game is. There are all sort of crazy views on Twitter. Do we shut down speech?

Worse. Who other than ourselves determines what is crazy and what is not and do we decide for others?
Open expression and debate is the answer. Not repression.
By the way, in addition to making great music, the Corrs including Jim have done a lot for some fine causes.
They did it without annoying fans with politics,

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