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I’m under no false assumption there’s a solution or my view will magically cause him to change
25-Jul-2020 23:14:11

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21-Jul-2024 04:08:01

Maybe my point was lost in the length of my post. I hear what you’re saying, it’s just hard to separate when they make their views so outwardly known.

By supporting the art, you’re supporting the artist. Believe me, I’ve spent more than I’d ever care to admit on the Corrs. By doing that, I’ve given Jim a platform and a lifestyle. He’s earned that through mine and a lot of other people’s love and gratitude and while I can look past his views on conspiracy theory, I can’t when it comes other things.

I’m not vocal in my dislike for his support of Trump or Abortion. The more I push my opinion on that, the more I’m doing exactly what I’m disliking him doing. People can have opposing views. I’m definitely not against that. We can’t stop others from talking to allow ourselves room to talk, it doesn’t work that way.

What I’m saying now is that I’m having a hard time reconciling my love of the band, with all of the emotion I’ve put into it, to have a member be so openly ignorant. He’s not an invisible player in the group, he’s a very fundamental part of the band and why I love them.

We have opposing views on this, and that’s okay. I now struggle, especially lately, to listen to the Corrs without a tinge of sadness and I don’t like that feeling. They had always been a safe space for me, and I’m not feeling that anymore.

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