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26-Jul-2020 17:31:19

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17-Apr-2024 02:18:41

I left Twitter long ago. Same reason as you offer. It just got me angry.
It actually encourages myopia. It discourages discussion, debate and learning.
No views are “shared” it is two opposing camps and the joke is each camp is ranting to their
own believers.
Frankly, what little I have seen from Jim doesn’t bother me.
I don’t agree with much if any of it. There are others who do agree with him and those are mostly
if not all who actively follow him.

None of this has anything to do with the music the Corrs produce. Thank God.

Interestingly, these things seem to flare up when the media picks up on it and we are reminded Jim
has some beliefs and ideas we don’t agree with and it is all blown out of proportion.

I honestly do not know what the artists behind 99% think or believe. You can enjoy “Ohio” AND “”Sweet Home Alabama”
(Two very good songs).
Thankfully the Corrs managed to tread a political line. Imagine if they refused to play the UK!

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