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You hit the nail right on the head, Chris. This is *not* about politics, despite what some people might think.
26-Jul-2020 18:13:11

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17-Apr-2024 01:28:30

I don’t mind political differences. I get along fine with people who vote differently than I do or have opposing views about certain issues. I do mind people, especially those with significant platforms, preaching hate towards marginalised groups and spreading false information that can potentially harm others, especially those who are less privileged.

Like Damon, I’m also a member of the LGBT community (something I’ve only recently decided to make public, and needless to say it’s no easy decision), and to me Jim posting homophobic drivel on social media is not something that deserves ‘some slack’ or can be dismissed as simply him expressing a political view.

No, sexuality is not a political matter. Respecting people, regardless of their sexual/gender identity, is common sense (sadly it’s not actually that common, is it?).

Ironically enough, it’s a well-known fact that members of the LGBT community make up a HUGE chunk of the Corrs fanbase, which means Jim has been living off our support for so many years while spouting total BS about us and opposing who we are. What’s the saying again...’do not bite the hand that feeds you’?

It’s difficult enough being LGBT where I am, and I managed to come to terms with that part of my identity partly because of the Corr sisters and their vocal support for equality (Andrea in particular has made remarks about this matter several times), along with support from the good friends I’ve made over the years thanks to our shared love for The Corrs. Listening to the band’s music, especially songs that celebrate love and compassion like Bulletproof Love and Dear Life, provides me with a safe space, as does being part of such an LGBT-friendly group as the Corrs fanbase. While I’m able to separate my love for the band’s art and admiration for Andrea, Caroline, and Sharon (and what they stand for) from my lack of respect for their brother, I still remember the first time I saw Jim post utter tripe about the LGBT community on Facebook and boy, that hurt. For what it’s worth, I take comfort in knowing that the sisters do not endorse his abhorrent views, and that they do make the effort to make it clear.

To quote Damon, I will always appreciate the art, but I will never appreciate the man Jim has become. Believe me, I really wish it didn’t have to reach this point.

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