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24-Aug-2020 02:10:22

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25-Feb-2021 05:46:17

A reasonable reaction IMOP.
Everyone has opinions on all sorts of controversial topics including pop stars.
Even so called “experts” disagree.
If Jim wants to opine on music production his opinions carry some “weight.” Some considerable “weight.”

Brian May can opine on music AND Astral physics! And be taken seriously.

I really don’t care much if pop stars (many of whom have questionable musical knowledge)
Opine about anything the rest of the world chatters about. They can have their views and I’ve got mine.

Have we reached a point where everyone must agree on everything or risk being slandered and smeared on incredibly
inane social media like Twitter?

Some of the bands I enjoy are IMOP complete “boneheads” (no implication intended here).lol
I avoid following them on Twitter etc. I love them for their music.

So what’s the fear here? That Jim is going to persuade his band’s followers to think like he does?
He’s not Taylor Swift! Lol

Any artist should support free speech and free expression. I wish everyone did.

Finally, I find calls for the rest of the Corrs to speak out or worse, condemn Jim rather disturbing. They are
artists In Their own right and shouldn’t succumb to pressure from a mob demanding they respond. If they want to they will.
As fans we should support their work and realize “it’s a family affair!”

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