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Some hours on Jim
27-Aug-2020 16:04:27

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28-Feb-2021 02:37:16

I finally did some “research” ....on Jim.
Based on Twitter comments he actually looks reasonable and adult compared to the
hysterical responses (that’s kind of the idea Twitter is mostly someone making a comment
and igniting a response pro or con).

Then newspapers and TV etc pick up the Twittering and usually blow it up to sensationalize
things for readers/viewers. We all know how this works.

Evidently England has enacted a law requiring masks in shops etc.
The fact this is occurring months after the disease appeared is IMOP worth
at least questioning it ...

My understanding is, Ireland is still considering a similar action.

The truth is there is a debate raging here in the US as well.

Right or wrong?
We are not going to settle that here. It’s not going to be settled in a Twitter
shouting and insult match. I do find it ironic that Sinead of all people (I respect and enjoy
her music still) is jumping into this outraged with Jim’s support of the position. There are also
a set of Twin performers “Jedward” tossing insults. Never heard of them though they apparently
are big in Ireland. I smell a possible PR attempt here. Their Tweets are a bit too “cute”
and attempt to tie Jim to his band via their song titles.

The Corrs have a long history of supporting various causes. Anyone upset with Jim (and the sisters of course)
supporting Nelson Mandela? Live eight? etc etc.
Jim was part of that.

This is Jim alone now. The Corrs are adults who think for themselves.
The band is not active musically. I agree Jim has aligned himself with some controversial causes.
His web site is linked to a group led by Robert Kennedy Jr. re: children and vaccination. His 9/11
conspiracy views have been debunked but there are a number of people who still hold them.

There are plenty of musicians and cultural icons Twittering away. Some have controversial
positions, many are activists for various causes. Van Morrison is questioning social distancing.
Is he right? Maybe, maybe not but he is right to speak out Is the cause worth discussing? Absolutely.
Politicians will take the input and if there’s a law there’s a law.
Finally, here’s the thing.
Everyone makes up their own mind. There's a danger in attempting to silence
those with whom we disagree. We are not always in the right. Will any of this impact the Corrs as a musical entity?
As a band they are not one voice or mind. Nor as a family. I suspect, as fans, we want the world to see them as we do.
I think fans have a tendency to blow negative and positive news out of proportion.
When watching them perform or listening to them
I know I certainly don't think about Jim’s views.

Didn’t bother me when John said (no Twitter back then) “The Beatles are bigger than Christ”
Did make news and a lot of outrage was expressed. A lot of support as well. They continued to sell
a lot of records.

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