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Not bad
30-Oct-2020 20:07:41

CorrsClub Time:
04-Mar-2024 23:00:27

She is talented. Also shows off a nice guitar collection lol
She is clearly a blues rock singer and takes the song from that approach.

The original was an incredibly simple song that Lindsey Buckingham turned into
an incredible arrangement which Stevie Nicks voice floated over. Loads of mood
and atmosphere. The Corrs arrangement kept that atmosphere with Violin and Tin Whistle
over a hypnotic dance rhythm. I also think Andrea is a great singer (she is in Nick’s class)
who brings a fluid subtlety and nuance to the vocal.

This singer Laura is very good and credit to her for doing the song in her comfort zone.
She makes the song a bluesy number and in doing so it loses its mood and atmosphere
and doesn’t flow as much as the original and the Corrs version.

It is more “choppy” not at all a bad thing losing its hypnotic atmosphere and mystery. I liked it.
She sings well and her guitar playing is quite good..very tasteful.

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