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No not lukely to ever happen.
19-Nov-2020 22:50:09

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20-Jun-2024 07:57:20

Rereading the article, I noticed, especially in light of some comments here, how well
the writer handled the current goings on with the Corrs. A quote from a close friend of the band
presciently notes “blood is thinker than water.”

Jim Corr is an integral part of the band, especially in writing and arranging as well as producing.
And performing, apparent to anyone watching the band perform live. You don’t get a co production credit
from David Foster out of gratitude. Watch the YT video “in the room with Reitzas” or the video on how
“Happier” with Jim and Caroline. It is clear all four share writing and creation of their music in a rare
Symbiotic inter relational work ethic. It is also clear Jim’s strength lies in technical production and actual recording.
Watch him go through the layering of guitars in “Happier”

As for the rather amusing kerfuffle over Jim’s “views” ? It’s too easy to get sucked into
the silliness of twitter land as once one starts commenting on the comments they have made it
all about them not Jim. Now it’s your view that’s the “correct” view.

Worse, you end up sucked into an intolerant world of cancel culture. Why if Jim (any artist really)
doesn’t have the same views as I do or vote as I do we...well let’s get rid of him. Notice it is easy for someone to
Simply stop listening to an artist based upon their personal criteria but these folks apply their standards to
everyone. All fans of the Corrs.

Jim can hold whatever views he chooses. At some point we can’t require everyone who creates art to
adhere to our beliefs making this contingent upon our enjoying that art.

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