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it does make sense
25-Nov-2020 19:57:17

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21-Jul-2024 03:58:16

First, I listened to this (nice holiday surprise from Andrea) a few times.
She sings.beautifully but I am not in love with the production.
I went back and listened to the Ten Feet High album again. I think I know what you are hearing.
Andrea has been recorded fairly “dry” to my ears. Meaning with little or no effects (reverb, compression, EQ etc).
on earlier records.
She has benefitted from some of the best producers, mixers and mastering engineers.

This Christmas record is loud to me. Her voice is almost too “big”—I like the Corrs version of “Holy Night” a bit more. She
really has an incredible natural singing voice (she can sound a tad “thin” on occasion and is a breathy singer
but these are real nit pics!). Her sisters are IOP a better “choir” than what we have here.

It’s as if this latest is made to sound big..(loud)-.not just Andrea but the instruments and supporting singers.
But I do see (hear)what you have noticed. It is a matter of taste in the end.

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